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Toddler And Puppy Jump For Joy When Dad Arrives Home

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Babies usually get excited when they see dad or mom arriving home from a long day at work.

But sometimes, as in this video, babies are not the only ones capable of displaying their affection.

This is exactly what a mom recorded when she filmed her son’s reaction to his dad pulling into their driveway.

The video shows a cute boy and the family dog both express their delight upon seeing dad’s car approaching. The little boy waves his hand while his pet stares out the glass door while wagging its tail. The toddler then screams and jumps while rapping on the glass door. Not to be outdone, the puppy stands and paws against the glass door himself.

The video titled “Toddler and dog - Daddy's home!” has recorded 1.8 million of views since it was posted.

photo/video: Natalie G/YouTube