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Toddler Shows Off Cheerleading Stunts

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A two-year-old girl from the Philippines is becoming an internet celebrity after her dad posted a homemade video of her cheerleading performance.

Zianne Angierein Garcia, also known as Zeexhie, executes some impressive cheerleading stunts with her dad as her partner.  She lifts her foot, stretches in the air as she stands on her dad’s hand and does a Superman pose. For a toddler, she demonstrates great balancing ability.

Both her parents Renier Garcia and Angel Guerrero were cheerleaders in college. Her parents explained that Zeexhie loves to watch cheerleading video routines, including their own performances, and then imitates them.

Her mother said, “I think it boosts her self-confidence and since she sees us performing in videos, maybe that's also what she wants to do”, Daily Mail reports.

Watch the amazing Zeexhie's videos below.

Video credit: TITANVORTEX/YouTube 

video credit: Renier Garcia/YouTube

sources: Daily Mail, Renier Garcia