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Toddler Shows Off His American Ninja Warrior Skills

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An American Ninja Warrior fanatic is going viral on social media after his mother posted a video of his son completing an obstacle course.

Her son Yoshi loves to watch the sports entertainment television series American Ninja Warrior.  The show’s competitors are required to complete a series of obstacle courses.  It looks like Yoshi is determined to join the show if there is a kid edition.

“He started watching American Ninja Warrior about a year ago. His interest has grown over time to the point of running over and around toys in the living room during the commercials”, his father Ken told BuzzFeed.

So his Dad gathered materials from their garage and made a little obstacle course in their backyard.

“My toddler is obsessed with American Ninja Warrior, so my husband made him a course today, and he killed it!” her mother wrote in the video’s caption. 

photo/video: Kimberly Koge/YouTube 
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