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Totally Cool GPS Street Doodles By Cyclist Stephen Lund

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People ride a bike for health benefits, as a means of transportation or for recreation, but this cyclist has found an additional purpose.

Stephen Lund uses his bike as a tool to create art.  Using a GPS tracking device and Strava app, he makes some unbelievable figures on the map of Victoria in British Columbia.  His bike has become his paintbrush and the entire city is his canvas.

It gives him sense of purpose to his ride and considers cycling as an urban exploration and creative expression.

It all started when he strolled on the streets of Victoria and doodled “Happy 2015” to celebrate New Year.  Since then, he has become hooked in cycling around to create elaborate drawings in the shape of people, objects, and a variety of creatures.

Stephen has ridden his bike and made over 70 doodles and continues to make more figures.

In the video, he says, “if you look carefully you will see infinite opportunities for creative expression, exhilarating adventure and all sorts of fun, explore, explore, experiment, express yourself, on your biker you own two feet, the possibilities are limitless.”

Source: YouTube/Tedx Talks