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Trailers Transform Into 2-Storey House

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An engineering company has designed trailers that can instantly transform into a full 2-story house with different configurations.

Dahir Insaat Corporation is a company that designs high-quality architectural projects using modern systems and technology. They specialize in building incredible transformers-like mobile homes.

In a demo video by the company, the trucks look like regular trailers but in just a few minutes, they transform into large 2-story houses. Powered by hydraulic devices, the trailer's main body mechanically unfolds into several parts powered by a complex engineering system.

The trailer homes come in different designs, depending on the purpose of use, to comfortably accommodate large numbers of people. The mobile homes can be used for as mobile hospitals, military headquarters, or even temporary shelters for emergency.

 video: YouTube/Dahir Insaat 

source: Dahir Insaat