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Tree Stump Eyesore In Your Yard? Call This Man And He Will Transform It Into A Work Of Art

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In the time lapse video below, Lueb Popoff, a former chef, turns a dead tree stump into an incredible piece of art using his chainsaw.

The Boulder Colorado native starts forming a shape of his subject using his chainsaw.  After the rough figures come out, he uses other power tools such as angle grinders with carving discs, dremel tool, malle, and gauges to carve the more detailed parts.

With precise control of his tools, three wild animals slowly emerge from the tree stump.  To make the animals more life-like, he finishes off his work with airbrush painting.

Through his artistic mind and excellent carving skills, the unwanted blocking tree stump in front of a house amazingly transforms into a beautiful carving of forest animals.

In an interview by the Daily Camera on what inspires him on his work, he said, “I'm surrounded by nature.  I love nature.  Ninety percent of what I do is nature -- wild animals, birds of prey, nature-oriented things. I would call it a green art form.  Wildlife and nature has always been really important to me, and that's where I get my inspiration from.”

video: Funky Rooster Productions/YouTube