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TV Host Risks Life To Prove Physics Law

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To demonstrate a basic property of physics, Norwegian physicist and television host Andreas Wahl puts his life in danger by tying himself to the side of a building 45 feet above the ground.

What keeps him from falling is only a rope with a weight attached to the end which is calculated as 14 times lighter than Wahl’s weight. Once the rope is released, Wahl will automatically drop to the ground.

From an ordinary bystander’s perspective, it appears his experiment is extremely risky and can prove fatal, but Wahl is convinced of the fundamental property of physics - that things rotate faster when they approach a central point.

Before he himself is part of the experiment, Wahl used a coffee cup and a coin with a string attached to each other. When his partner releases the coin, the cup drops but stops before reaching the floor.

The force of gravity drops the cup, and at the same time causes the tension on the string to increase and the coin is pulled toward the central point, which is the stick holding by Wahl. That makes the coin rotate around the stick, just like a swinging pendulum, which prevents the cup from hitting the ground.

Will the physics saves him or ended having broken bones? Watch the video below.

video: NRK Viten/YouTube 

sources:NRK Viten  AplusBusiness Insider