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Valentine's Day History In Animated Video

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Valentine’s Day is a celebration for lovers and is observed worldwide. But do you know where word “Valentine” came from?

During the third century, Emperor Claudius II in Rome banned the marriage of two lovers. However, despite the Emperor’s order, Bishop Saint Valentine imposed the law of church and secretly helped lovers who approached him to bind them under holy matrimony.

The Emperor learned about it and ordered his soldiers to arrest the bishop. In prison, while the bishop was waiting for his sentence, a jailor approached him and requested if he can heal his blind daughter with his holy power.

Valentine offered her a prayer and miraculously restored her sight. Later, they became close friends and eventually, they became lovers.

After a while, the Emperor had asked Valentine to withdraw his religion and should agree about the ban on marriage but the bishop refused. The Emperor then ordered Valentine to be executed.

Before the execution, Valentine requested for a pen and a paper and wrote his farewell message to his lover “from your Valentine”, a phrase that being used every February 14 of the year.

 video: breadnbeyond/YouTube