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Vehicle Looks Like A Car But Is Actually... A Bicycle?

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Swedish design engineer Mikael Kjellman loves to ride his bike but the weather rarely cooperates during the cold season. So he came up with a brilliant solution.

Kjellman designed a weather-protected tiny vehicle which he calls the PodRide. The PodRide is basically a combination of a small car and a bicycle.

The velomobile, as it is also called, is fully covered with a waterproof fabric to keep the rider warm and comfortable. It has four wheels, a windshield wiper, and a steering wheel. It looks like a car but it is actually an electric-powered bicycle.

Outfitted with 250-watt crank engine, this eco-friendly vehicle can hit a top speed of 15 miles per hour. The PodRide can navigate through narrow walkways, execute short turns, and even take steep hills. It is designed with headlights, signal light indicator, and a comfortable padded seat just like a normal car. There is a small compartment at the back but the rider can also hook-up a bicycle trailer for additional room for baggage.

“I’ve been driving to work for more than a year now and it’s proven to work very well”, Kjellman says on his video.

 photo/video: YouTube/Mikael Kjellman 

source: Inhabitat