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Walking Dead 2015: Kangaroo Edition

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What happens when you’re biking alone in a park and you see a court of roos scattered everywhere, lurking, silently watching you, following your every move?

In Hawkstowe Park, approximately 14 miles away from Melbourne, Australian cyclist Ben Vezina captures this apocalyptic-like scene and we wonder for a moment if any or all of these animals will suddenly attack him.

“I’m kind of terrified yoh, I’m going to be honest, I’m a little bit terrified”, he whispers as he videos his ride through the park.

Well, it seems like many of us, he has been watching too many zombie movies.

Venzina had really nothing to fear. The cyclist may have looked nothing more than a curiosity for them. As he bikes through the path, we can see some roos bouncing away from him as if to say, “Pardon us for staring - we'll get out of your way. We just think it’s silly to wear such a tight-fitting outfit and using that funny-looking contraption to move around. A pouch and some serious hopping skills is all you need to really look good”.

 photo/video source: Ben Vezina/YouTube