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Watch Little Boy's Reaction When He Learns That He Is Going To Be A Big Brother

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Sarah Bromby, from Scunthorpe, in North Lincolnshire, England records the moment she discloses to her son that she is pregnant. Little Ethan can’t believe his good fortune upon learning that he is going to be a big brother. The adorable boy asks his mother almost a dozen times if it’s true.

“Is it really in there?” he repeatedly asks her mother.

The little boy smiles and says, "I hope you're not joking, he can sleep in my bed if you want".

This video has garnered millions of views after Sarah posted it on YouTube, "It was at three million this morning and now it is at six million. I take pictures of him anyway but people have gone crazy over it - people were already talking about it when I came into work," she said at 
Scunthorpe Telegraph.

Watch the heart-warming video below.

 photo/video source: Sarah Bromby/YouTube