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Why, When, And How Did Ukrainian Artist Zenyk Palagniuk Create This Masterpiece?

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In 2015, Ukrainian artist Zenyk Palagniuk, perhaps had nothing else to do when he created this unique portrait of American pop-star, Justin Timberlake.  Justin did not pose for this artwork.  In the portrait, Justin appears to be wearing a leather jacket and not his trademark suit and tie with shades.  It’s not a bad thing to sketch the portrait on a large plywood, hammer 13,000 nails and use 15 miles of thread but the artist must have some sort of tunnel vision to be able to spend over 200 hours to complete this project.  Perhaps he was listening to Timberlake’s “What goes around, comes around”, as he was wrapping 15 miles of thread around the nails?

Palagniuk's artwork? I'm lovin' it. Are you? 

Note:  Phrases in italics are titles to Justin Timberlake songs.

Here's the video of this amazing art:

Source for video & image:
You Tube/Vova Zagranovsky