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World's First Self-inflated Stand-up Paddleboard

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Ever try loading a paddleboard on top of a car? Or check it in for a flight? With it’s length and heft weight, it’s not easy at all.

A company has come up with a brilliant invention to solve this problem.

SipaBoards has developed a self-inflatable stand-up paddleboard, which can be carried around pretty much anywhere like a backpack. Called the SipaBoards Air, it is made with a double-layered ultra-durable, drop-stitch technology for better durability and comes with a lightweight three-piece collapsible carbon-fiber paddle.

This new improved paddleboard is built with a removable compressor that inflates it. Once the magnetic switch is activated, the board starts to self-inflate which takes only 5 minutes. The electric compressor is powered by a built in battery, capable of inflating the board three times with a single charge.

The team, led by the company’s founder, Sebastjan Sitar, has come up with four different designs: the SipaBoards Neo, the All-rounder, the Cruiser, and the Balance.

The Sipaboard Neo is designed for light-weight paddlers and can carry up to 225 pounds. The All-Rounder is a sturdy model capable of carrying 2-3 paddlers, and is perfect for the family. The Cruiser is the fastest model, ideal for paddlers who want to spend a longer time in the water. The Balance model is great for its stability and is suitable for yoga activities.

SipaBoards has already won a prestigious Red Dot Award 2015, “Best of the Best”, for the company’s self-inflating stand-up paddleboard.

 video: YouTube/Sipaboards

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