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World's Most Beautiful Kindergarten

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Japanese architect Takaharu Tezuka might have built the coolest kindergarten in the world.

The main playground is the roof of the oblong-shape structure, which has a circumference of over 600 ft.  This is where children play under the sun, climb on trees and stairs, run in circles, and make lots of noise.

But it doesn’t end there.  The whole school is an endless playground with trees, skylights for peek-a-boo, washbasins with hoses.  No boundaries exist between the inside and outside and between classrooms.

For him, putting the kids inside a box would make them nervous.

Because the kids have complete freedom to move around, each child walks or runs an average of 2.5 miles everyday.  The school has one of the most athletic kindergarteners in Japan.

He said “My point is don’t control them, don’t protect them too much, and they need to tumble sometimes. They need to get some injury.  And that makes them learn how to live in this world.  I think architecture is capable of changing this world and people’s lives. “

Image & Video: YouTube/TED Talks