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Would This Man Lead A Goose On A Wild Good Chase?

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Andre Bachman was driving his pickup along a country road near Edson, Alta, a town in Alberta Canada, when he notices a goose flying in the opposite direction.

As you can see on the video, the goose turns around and follows his car. Andre becomes a bit concerned so he pulls over and gets out.  The goose lands behind his car.  Surprised that the goose has no fear of him, Andre chats with the bird, and asks him, “What are you doing? Are you lost?”

Andre guesses that the goose was raised by humans because if its behavior. He goes back to his car and drives away slowly.  The goose flies and closely follows Andre’s car.

Sensing that the goose is lost and wants to be in his natural habitat, Andre decides to drive to Shining Bank Lake, approximately 6 miles away.

Will the lost goose follow Andre all the way to the lake?

Andre Bachman/YouTube