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You Won't Believe What These Beautiful Vases Are Made Of

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Have you ever seen a beautiful vase made of…pencils?

For Finnish designer Tuomas Markunpoika of Studio Markunpoika, vases made of pencils is his own unique and beautiful art expression.

Tuomas glues tightly together dozens of hexagon-shape pencils. After forming a block, he uses a machine lathe to form a vase. The finished product unveils the beauty of the inner structure of the pencils.

He calls his series of vases made of pencils, “Amalgamated”.

According to Markunpoika’s website, “Pencils are utilized when giving form to our thoughts, illustrating our wishes and ideas. They are inseparably fused with craft and arts, representing diverse relationships between artist and their creations. Pencils are extensions of our minds which enable us to transmit information through different mediums and time, collecting knowledge and creating it.”

 video: Viral Spell/YouTube