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Young Gorilla Loves Peek-A-Boo Game With Little Boy

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Sherry Chute filmed a cute and funny moment with her 2-year old son, Isaiah, and his new playmate, Kamoli, a young male gorilla.

Sherry’s family was visiting Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio when the little boy approaches the glass wall and pounds his chest that catches the attention of Kamoli.

Kamoli runs and hides behind the tree post and the play begins. The toddler also runs toward Kamoli but the gorilla moves to the opposite direction when he sees the toddler coming.

"It was a really fun interaction, Isaiah is just like that. Anyone who knows him knows thats he's super playful.” Sarah said at The Columbus Dispatch.

The playmates chase each other along the glass wall for the next five minutes. When both were exhausted, they parted ways. Isiah says “bye gorilla” as he leaves and Kamoli goes back to the other gorillas.

photo/video source: Guardian Wires/YouTube