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Young Lady Violinist Makes Sound Like A Car Alarm

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Britaney Gaither had nothing better to do one summer so she decided to learn how to imitate a car alarm on her violin.

According to Britaney, when she was younger, she used to sit next to her parent’s car and press the panic button repeatedly.

“This is me imitating a car alarm on my violin. I learned how to do this when I was in the 5th grade, out of pure boredom due to it being the summer. I would sit next to my parent's car and press the panic button over and over again until I learn this. I was not popular in my household that day but they let me do it :)”, she wrote on her video.

So watch and listen to the video and see how masterfully she imitates the sound that we one is really fond: the sound of a car alarm going off.

 video: gbritaney/YouTube